A bit about Britain’s history – a full set of timelines from the prehistoric to the present, articles about events and themes from all periods of British history, a complete list of Britain’s kings and queens.  You’ll also find separate pieces on particular events and a summary of anniversaries for the current year.

Christianity and the age of the saints

Christianity, Britain, history

How Britain not only became Christian, but also specifically Roman Catholic Britain, like the rest of Western Europe, has a long Christian heritage.  The Church came to wield enormous political and socio-economic power, and religion is such a part of Britain’s continuing story, so it is important to understand a bit about how Christianity arrived. […]

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Anniversaries, 2016

James Herriot, Yorkshire Dales, Anniversaries, 2016

What have William the Conqueror, Shakespeare, Peter Rabbit, the Big Friendly Giant, Bobby Moore and David Cameron all got in common?  Answer: they were all associated with anniversaries in 2016.  Of course, some anniversaries were very kindly highlighted by publicists, who ultimately decide which momentous dates will be remembered in Britain. 950th anniversary of the

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