The past is us.

Knowing a bit about Britain’s history helps understand how we got here and where we might go next.  History is also full of great stories.  And if you’re looking at heritage attractions, having some historical background puts them in context and helps bring places, and the people associated with them, alive.  You gradually start seeing how everything is joined up…

So, if you don’t already know a great deal about it, A Bit About Britain includes a series of articles giving a potted history of Britain, just for you, starting with Early British history.  This work makes no claim to be in any way academic, and the selection of events is arbitrary, but it covers most of the milestones en route to today.

It will also be really useful if you disliked history at school, but want to catch-up a bit now!

Use the drop-down menu to find the main periods of British history, a timeline of key events for each period, from prehistoric times to the modern period and links to relevant articles.

Or, you can purchase A Bit About Britain’s History in paperback or as an e-book from Amazon.

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