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Anniversaries in 2024

Anniversaries in 2024, in Britain

Which anniversaries will be marked in Britain in 2024?  Below is a selection of more than 80 noteworthy anniversaries for your interest and amusement, from the Millennium Bug to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons.  Each one is on someone’s calendar for 2024 – and each one offers a fascinating insight into Britain’s story.  This is […]

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Website update

Website update

My regular reader will know that the A Bit About Britain website has received a little makeover.  Some things were not working as they should before, but they should do now.  The site also looks a bit different, though it still contains most of the original rubbish.  The Home Page, in particular, has been changed

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The full British breakfast

Full British breakfast

Does your breakfast have a nationality?  Should breakfasts be stateless?  Travelling around this great land of ours, it is common to see the option of ‘full [insert adjective as applicable] breakfast’ available on hotel menus.  Thus: full English, full Scottish, full Welsh – or even full Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Devonshire, Nether Bottom – whatever seems appropriately

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Anniversaries, 2022

Anniversaries 2022

Which anniversaries are being marked in Britain in 2022?  Below is a selection of more than sixty noteworthy occasions for you.  Each one will be on someone’s calendar for 2022 – and each one offers an insight into Britain’s story.  A Bit About Britain usually only highlights significant anniversaries – centenaries, half centuries and quarter

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Britain’s High Days and Holidays – Smorgasbord Book Review

High Days and Holidays

The lovely Sally Cronin has published a review of ‘A Bit About Britain’s High Days and Holidays’ on her Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. “This book is not only an entertaining and informative guide to the history of the high days and holidays we celebrate in Britain, but also an excellent reference book for authors and visitors

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