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From a long time ago until quite recently

A Bit About Britain’s History – available from Amazon and some independent book shops.

Could this short, elegant, volume be the only book on British history you’ll ever need?

Our story begins by briefly mentioning that Britain was once inhabited by extremely large lizards and ends up with a post-war 20th century consumer society.  Told through a few dozen short articles, A Bit about Britain’s History explains the essentials of our past, including how the ancestors of its current inhabitants arrived, how they fought each other, formed nations, fell out over religion, acquired a large empire, became gradually more democratic, helped win a couple of world wars and were left wondering what to do next.  At the end of the book are detailed timelines for each period, which provide useful reference and make fascinating reading in their own right.  Perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants a serious, yet light, introduction to Britain’s amazing story;
  • Someone that doesn’t know the basics of our history – or would like a reminder;
  • The person that knows set periods, but isn’t sure how they all join up;
  • Those that didn’t enjoy history at school, but would like to understand it now;
  • Seeing our heritage in context (ideal for visiting historic attractions);
  • A basic foundation for more in-depth study.

“Multum in Parvo…a super overview of the history of Britain.”

“Would highly recommend.”

“Britain’s history should be fun – this book makes it so.”

“A fascinating, accessible, and often amusing look at British history.”

“You will enjoy every delightful sentence.”

“A well-crafted book, a great read, and fills in a lot of gaps.”

“An indispensable read for those interested in Britain’s history.”

“An engaging romp through the history of Britain.”

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