North Yorkshire

Places to visit, attractions, heritage and things of interest in North Yorkshire, England.

Swaledale meadows and the corpse way

The Corpse Road

We set off with friends David and Cecile (and Hamish the dog) to visit Swaledale’s corpse trail.  It is one of their favourite walks and the views are terrific.  You may know of Yorkshire’s Swaledale, but I suppose I had better explain what a corpse trail is: so here goes.  Once upon a very long […]

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Attermire and the caves

Attermire Scar and Victoria Cave, Yorkshire Dales

Time for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales. We will stroll from the old market town of Settle, up into the hills and do a circuit of around 5 miles.  The route will take in the lonely starkness of Attermire Scar, the Victoria and Jubilee Caves and, along the way, encounter preparations for war.  This

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A visit to Whitby

Yorkshire coast

Whitby, one of Yorkshire’s go-to seaside towns, conjures up so many images: the ruined abbey, dominating the skyline and old harbour, tales of Captain Cook, Dracula, the semi-precious Whitby Jet, days by the seaside – and, of course, fish ‘n’ chips.  On the other hand, maybe you are familiar with the place from the evocative

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The many stories of York

York, skyline

A Bit About Britain is delighted to welcome author and traveller Darlene Foster, as a guest writer explaining her affection for the city of York. The charming city of York in North East England is steeped in over two thousand years of history, harbouring many stories within its ancient walls. Forty-four years ago, my first

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Adventures in Isurium

Isurium Brigantum

The ancient stones of little Aldborough village, less than twenty miles north of York, tell of Romans, Danes, Normans, Scots, corrupt politics, brave fliers and a trusting churchwarden. Not to mention the maypole. Before we go there, be sure you don’t confuse Aldborough with Aldbrough in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Aldbrough St John (also

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Sheriff Hutton in 30 minutes

Sheriff Hutton Castle

The Ryedale village of Sheriff Hutton is unlikely to be on most people’s tourist trails. Yet it is a reminder, if one is needed, that history, like love, is all around us.  Frankly, the first I heard of the place was when reading about the dreadful wars of the fifteenth century and learning that the

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Norber Erratics

Austwick, Clapham, Yorkshire

A Bit About Britain’s geomorphological expert will know that erratics are rocks that have been transported by a glacier, and left behind when the ice has melted some distance from where they started.  It’s a descriptive term, because ‘erratic’ means “uncertain in movement, irregular in conduct, habit, opinion” (Oxford dictionary of English) and rock erratics

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An introduction to Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral has such publicly ancient roots that I was surprised to learn it only got promoted to cathedral as recently as 1836.  As a matter of fact, Ripon is a physical link with the earliest days of Christianity in Britain, and particularly associated with Wilfred – bishop, saint and builder of the 7th century

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From Ribblehead to Jericho

View of Whernside and Ribblehead Viaduct

Ribblehead Viaduct is one of the wonders of Victorian construction.  It also provided the inspiration for a UK TV drama Jericho, which premiered in January 2016. It’s not hard to be impressed by Ribblehead.  Not just because it’s quite big – it is a quarter of a mile long – but also because it seems

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St Leonard’s, Chapel-le-Dale

St Leonard's, Chapel-le-Dale

We stepped down the lane in the dappled sunlight of a still frosty winter afternoon.  It has an ancient, lived-in, feel to it, does the hamlet of Chapel-le-Dale.  Sitting astride a Roman road, evidence of long-vanished communities are shown on the Ordnance Survey map with the word ‘settlement’ printed over various places close-by, in old

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Brimham Rocks, bairns and the Bee Gees

Places to visit near Harrogate

Brimham Rocks could surprise you, a landscape of fantastically shaped crags and boulders that might look more at home in a theme park.  It’s a place you should visit if you can’t afford the ‘bus fare to Arizona, Utah, or anywhere else that has an abundance of weirdly eroded rock formations.  Not that Britain doesn’t

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Dracula and Whitby

Whitby Abbey, Dracula

The great tempest broke rapidly and without warning in the darkness.  The sea around Whitby convulsed, waves rising in growing fury, over-topping one another, beating white-topped on the sands, rushing up the cliffs and breaking with great spumes over the piers of the harbour.  Adding to the difficulties and dangers of the night, a huge

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Swaledale ‘twixt Muker and Keld


Or it could be the other way round.  Son of Britain and I had often considered meandering through Swaledale between the small villages of Keld and Muker.  Once, we had even chanced, equipped with boots and all the trimmings, as far as the car park in Keld.  But it had been a day when the

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