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Where shall we go today? A Bit About BritainWhilst it may be a logical assumption that, given long enough, most attractions will eventually appear on A Bit About Britain, there is an ever-growing spreadsheet of candidates and the selection of places to feature on the site is entirely dependent upon practicalities – such as time, opportunity and, of course, expense.  Practicalities also dictate that the number of attractions from some regions of the country will be greater than the number from other regions.

That said, subjects are chosen fairly randomly.  The intention is to avoid similar subjects in consecutive featured articles and to select places from different parts of Britain each week.  Sometimes, an item will be selected for topical reasons

If you want to commission a feature for inclusion on A Bit About Britain, or ask about something else, please get in touch via the contact page.  Enquiries are welcomed from the owners or responsible managers of attractions and from reputable publications or publishers.  A normal feature in A Bit About Britain, however, will not necessarily endorse a particular place.

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