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Mike, A Bit About BritainHi – Thanks for visiting A Bit About Britain.  I’m Mike.

A Bit About Britain is a personal, independent, project that seeks to inspire, inform and entertain.  It is a portal into Britain’s heritage, history and attractions, aimed at armchair travellers as well as those seeking inspiration and information.  All countries are forged by their pasts – and Britain’s is certainly a fascinating one.  Understanding a bit about a place’s historical context is part of the fun – and it enriches the visitor experience.

When I last looked, A Bit About Britain contained about 40 pages of information, 400 articles, details of over 750 places of interest and thousands of photographs.

Everything on A Bit About Britain is as authentic, accurate, original and objective  as I can make it. 

Occasionally, A Bit About Britain is eccentric; sporadically, it rants; every now and again, it is iconoclastic; rarely is it 100% sensible.

A Bit About Britain, directoryThere is an almost embarrassing number of wonderful, interesting, places to see in Britain, and heaps of information about them all in books, online and on TV.  Some of the information out there is really excellent; some of it, inevitably, isn’t.  It is unhelpful, and irritating, when you come across material which has simply been copied from someone else, which has been written by someone who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about – or which is, quite simply, completely wrong.

A Bit About Britain contains unique material written in real English by a genuine, native, Briton who was weaned on British history and who studied it at university. 

I caught the history bug at a very early age and have been fortunate in being able to indulge this love all my life.  I also know my country a little.  Born and bred in the South of England, I have also lived in the Midlands, in and around London and in the North.  I have been lucky to be able to travel around Britain a bit for work and play and, for the sake of balance, am married to a lovely Scot.  Most importantly, I have a terrible sense of humour.  So, whilst there are bound to be better qualified individuals, I think my credentials for writing A Bit About Britain are pretty good. In 2019, I published a book, ‘A Bit About Britain’s History’.

Each item in A Bit About Britain is meticulously researched; it has to be, otherwise its readers would not trust it.

A Bit About Britain must contain mistakes; but a huge amount of effort and time is spent getting things right.  I want to know if you spot any errors or omissions.


Visit Bit About Britain's BlogThe articles on A Bit About Britain are aimed mostly at people who want enough information to provide a taster about a place, and put it in context, but who don’t want to wade through a dry academic tome or detailed guide book.

Tourism in general, and heritage in particular, is big business.  Everyone is selling something; but we know that reality doesn’t always match the promise.  A Bit About Britain is fearlessly non-partisan: it does not allow natural enthusiasm for castles and cathedrals to prevent criticism of terrible teacakes or curmudgeonly customer service. 

I hope you like A Bit About Britain, that it interests, inspires, amuses and helps you.  Please visit as often as possible, tell other people about it, leave your comments on the posts – and  follow it in the most convenient way for you.



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