Stone Circle

The Stone Circle at Mitchell’s Fold

Mitchells Fold Stone Circle, image

Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle is one of those places you think you should have arrived at much sooner than you do. “We must have passed it.  Maybe I should turn round”.  Surely, supernatural forces were at work, discombobulating me as I (unsuccessfully) navigated the car along narrow border lanes between England and Wales.  In fact, […]

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Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg , Stone Circle, Keswick, Cumbria

Castlerigg Stone Circle is probably the best-known prehistoric stone circle in North West England, perched on the slopes to the east of Keswick inside the Lake District National Park.  We will probably never know what our ancestors were doing, building these things.  Perhaps if you visit Castlerigg when there are few other people about, the

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Swinside Stone Circle

Swinside Stone Circle, Cumbria, looking east

You cannot visit a stone circle, not even a little one, without being impressed.  Think about it.  Apparently, there are around 1,000 stone circles in Britain.  Each one would have taken organisation, willpower and a heck of a lot of muscle to build.  Imagine a conversation starting, “Hey, I’ve got this great idea…” Stone circles

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Avebury Henge

Avebury, stone circle, Wiltshire

There’s a kind of benign magic about Avebury; it’s the sort of place where you can have fun communing with your ancestors.  Like faded signposts painted in a language we do not understand, the remains they have left behind are scattered across the countryside in these parts.  They point to unknown places and alien lives. 

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