Places to visit, attractions, heritage and things of interest in Stirling and Stirlingshire, in Scotland.

Rough on the frontier

Rough Castle, Roman fort

Near the little town of Bonnybridge, west of Falkirk, you will find the largely buried remains of Rough Castle.  This was no fairy-tale fortress, with stone battlements and banners fluttering from romantic-looking towers.  The lumps and ditches in the ground mark the location of a business-like frontier fort, built almost 1900 years ago on the …

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The Kelpies, Falkirk

Any self-respecting student of folklore will tell you that, in Britain, a kelpie (or kelpy) is a Scottish water spirit, a waterwraith.  Kelpies are shape-shifters, but usually appear in the form of a horse and are malignant, deriving pleasure from the drowning of travellers.  They are immensely strong and have been known to take human …

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A tour of Stirling Castle

Visit Stirling Castle

You can see it from miles away.  Stirling Castle stands guard from the top of a massive volcanic plug, with steep cliffs on three sides, towering above the ancient crossing over the River Forth and the route armies take between Highland and Lowland.  It has witnessed so much of Scotland’s history, including two of its …

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National Wallace Monument

National Wallace Monument

Beyond Scotland, ex-pat Scots and a few informed corners of Britain as a whole, not many people would have heard of William Wallace before the 1995 film, Braveheart.  The American, Mel Gibson, directed and starred in the movie, playing the downtrodden, noble, medieval Scottish hero battling the evil English, led by Patrick McGoohan – who …

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