Places of interest or attractions that are completely, or partially, destroyed, in a state of decay, collapse or otherwise no longer complete.

Portchester Castle

Portchester's Roman walls

People are walking their dogs around the ancient walls of Portchester Castle.  A cricket match is taking place on the green.  Some scruffy kids run up and down the ditch outside, whooping.  Anglers drape their lines optimistically into Portsmouth Harbour and gaze at passing ships with the old Royal Navy dockyard beyond.  It’s a peaceful […]

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Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle high above the river Swale

It’s almost worth the journey to Richmond Castle in Yorkshire, just to get some photos.  It was a dubious bonus to meet someone who could have been transported there by aliens, and odd to discover that it had to wait until the 20th century to become really famous. Richmond Castle is a massive fortress built

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Why visit Berkhamsted Castle?

Berkhamsted, castle, Herts

Good question.  You can see for yourself that there’s very little of it left.  True, there’s a fine motte, traces of a few fireplaces, site of a kitchen, with an attractive gap-toothed inner curtain wall built mainly of local flint – and a well.  But that’s about it – and the massive moats, which would

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The Castle at Castle Acre

Bailey Gate, castle, Castle Acre, Norfolk

Toki lost his lands when the Normans came.  The new foreign aristocracy following Harold’s defeat at Hastings in 1066 swept aside Anglo-Saxon landowners, and poor Toki was one of the casualties.  He was a thegn – which could mean a variety of things – but in any event a man of property in the settlement

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Avebury Henge

Avebury, stone circle, Wiltshire

There’s a kind of benign magic about Avebury; it’s the sort of place where you can have fun communing with your ancestors.  Like faded signposts painted in a language we do not understand, the remains they have left behind are scattered across the countryside in these parts.  They point to unknown places and alien lives. 

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