Places to visit, attractions, heritage and things of interest in Northumberland, North East England.

A bit about Bede

Bede, an embroidered kneeler

A Bit About Britain often refers to ‘Bede’.  It occurred to me the other day that some of my readers may not know who – or what – this means.  Which, frankly, is fair enough.  Thus, for the benefit of the mildly interested, here is a bit about Bede.  If you already know this, look […]

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Ten of the best places to visit in North East England

Bamburgh Castle

Frankly, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re looking for things to see and do in North East England.  From dramatic, wild coast and countryside, to wildlife, castles, Roman remains, the simple grandeur of Durham and the culture and vibrancy of Newcastle upon Tyne, there is something for everyone.  To start you off, here is

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A pilgrimage to Lindisfarne, the Holy Island


To visit Lindisfarne, a tidal island at the tip of north-east England, is to enter a different world.  It is a world of saltwater, seabirds and saints, a world of mudflats, mead and mystery that is still revealing its secrets. Our story begins in the shadow times before places like England, Scotland and Wales had

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The Grace Darling legend

Grace Darling

A neighbour was taking a short break in Northumberland, and told me that one of the reasons she was excited about it was because, growing up, she had a picture of Grace Darling on her bedroom wall.  She would not have been alone; Grace Darling was a perfect Victorian heroine who braved a violent North

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Warkworth, castle, bailey

North East England does many things rather well, and one of them is castles.  There are dramatic coastal castles, like Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh, grand castles like Alnwick, frontier castles, like Norham, and castles you can stay in, like Langley Castle. Today, we’re going to take a look at Warkworth Castle, one of Northumberland’s great fortresses. 

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Craster to Dunstanburgh

Dunstanburgh, castles in Northumberland

There are several reasons to go to the little Northumbrian coastal village of Craster.  It is famous for its kippers, offers several pleasant eating options, an art gallery and is a popular base for bird watchers, fishers and walkers alike.  Our excuse was to revisit Dunstanburgh Castle, surely one of the most dramatic set of

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Cragside, W G Armstrong's house, Rothbury, Northumberland

Cragside was the home of William George Armstrong; and William George Armstrong was probably a genius.  Born in 1810 in Newcastle upon Tyne, he was one of those irritating people who seems to have been good at everything.  Trained as a lawyer, he was an accomplished engineer, inventor, arms manufacturer, international arms dealer, industrialist, philanthropist,

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A bit about North East England

Angel of the North

To visit North East England is to enter the old kingdom of Northumbria, formed when Bernicia – which stretched way into what is now Scotland – unified with Deira to the south, between the Tees and the Humber.  North East England is bisected by the remains of Hadrian’s Wall (a world heritage site) through Northumberland

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