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Blessed Virgin Mary and St Leodegarius

The manor of Ashby St Ledger and the church of St Leodegarius

Someone on Twitter was talking about Ashby St Ledgers.  This is a small, attractive, village in Northamptonshire, famous for being home to the Catesby family and for its associations with the Gunpowder Plot.  Then I remembered a brief winter’s morning visit to the peaceful old church, and that it is dedicated to St Leodegarius.  Leodegarius […]

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Some places inspire a sense of curious awe.  Though the past is ubiquitous, shaping who and what we all are, there are particular spots on earth where the shades of great events and people gather, jostling for attention.  Visiting them is like walking across the hallowed pages of a giant book, catching tantalising glimpses of

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Earls Barton, our finest Saxon church tower

All Saints church, Saxon, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire

There’s no need to hurry to see the unique Saxon church at earls Barton in Northamptonshire; it’s been there for a thousand years or more and will probably wait for you. There was probably a settlement at Earls Barton as early as the 6th century – possibly even a Celtic one before that.  By the

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Brixworth – All Saints’ church

Norman window, Saxon arch, Roman bricks. All Saints' church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is blessed with some fine Saxon churches.  And the largest – in fact the largest Anglo-Saxon church in Britain – is at Brixworth.  Actually, a monastery was founded at Brixworth sometime before 675AD, more than 1300 years ago, when this part of the country was in the Kingdom of Mercia and England did not

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Terror plot planned in peaceful village

Ashby St Ledgers, Northamptonshire

It is hard to associate the Northamptonshire village of Ashby St Ledgers with one of the most notorious terrorist plots of all time.  In fact, despite nestling between Dunstable’s tired industrial estates and the fearsome Daventry International Rail Terminal to the north, you may actually struggle to associate Ashby St Ledgers with the 21st century

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Althorp, Northamptonshire

Althorp (sometimes pronounced ‘Awltrup’) is the Spencer family pile in Northamptonshire.  Who amongst us lesser mortals had heard of either the estate or the family before Lady Diana Spencer shot into public awareness like a blazing comet?  Perhaps, some may have vaguely thought, the family was something to do with that other lot, the Marks. 

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Geddington’s Queen Eleanor Cross

Geddington is an attractive Northamptonshire village, with Saxon roots.  It boasts an ancient church, St Mary Magdalene, and a ford over the River Ise with an attractive old bridge, said to date from 1250, alongside.  However, it is probably most famous for its Eleanor Cross, the best preserved of three of the twelve original crosses

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A bit about the East Midlands

Chatsworth House, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire

Including the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. What can you say about the East Midlands, an area that spawned Tennyson, DH Lawrence, Margaret Thatcher and the legend of Robin Hood?  Sherwood Forest is still there, though it’s a little smaller now; and did you know they’re building a brand-new forest, the

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