Places to visit, attractions, heritage and things of interest in Cumbria, England.

Trooper Pearson and the Charge of the Light Brigade

Cavalry Charge at Balaklava

It all started with my chum, Dave.  You remember Dave, don’t you?  He’s the one that told me about Swinbrook.  Not only is Dave an excellent drinking buddy, but he also used to be a gravedigger, often known in these euphemistic days as a ‘burial ground custodian’.  You should see the risk assessment.  But he

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Gleaming bodies at the Lakeland Motor Museum

1954 MG sports car, Lakeland Motor Museum

Here’s one for the petrol-heads.  Though, to be fair, you don’t need to know anything about brake horsepower in order to admire this splendid, eclectic, collection of wheeled vehicles and associated bits and bobs.  Plus, given that the English Lake District is prone to dampness (well, it would be, wouldn’t it?), the Lakeland Motor Museum

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Swinside Stone Circle

Swinside Stone Circle, Cumbria, looking east

You cannot visit a stone circle, not even a little one, without being impressed.  Think about it.  Apparently, there are around 1,000 stone circles in Britain.  Each one would have taken organisation, willpower and a heck of a lot of muscle to build.  Imagine a conversation starting, “Hey, I’ve got this great idea…” Stone circles

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Castle of the Pendragon?

Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang, Cumbria, England

The River Eden begins life high on the moors above the valley of Mallerstang.  It’s a remote place, harshly beautiful.  The water bubbles northward on its journey to the Solway Firth, flanked in these parts by Wild Boar Fell to the west and Mallerstang Edge to the east.  Alongside the Eden in the valley bottom

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The Vampire of Dent (and other stories)

Dent, Cumbria

You’ll find the small village of Dent, sometimes known locally as Dent Town, on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales.  This was once part of Yorkshire’s West Riding but is now inside the county of Cumbria.  The narrow roads through achingly beautiful Dentdale seem never-ending; it’s almost a relief to arrive amongst Dent’s old

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The sweetest spot that fancy can imagine

Levens Park, Cumbria

This was the opinion of Thomas West (1720-1779) when referring, not to a lady of his acquaintance, but to Levens Park, in Cumbria. The quote appeared in West’s ‘Guide to the Lakes’, allegedly, the first tourist guide to England’s Lake District, published in 1778. Levens is in the south of the county, just outside the

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A different garden centre

La Casa Verde, Larch Cottage

We Brits appear to be obsessed with plant nurseries, or, more accurately, ‘garden centres’.  Garden centres are essentially department stores with a section, somewhere, that sells plants.  They will flog you anything from greetings cards to kitchenware, jewellery to twee ornaments (tree ornaments too), with clothing from Barbour and Burberry.  The earthy-chemical tang of fertilisers

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A bit about North West England

Liverpool, North West England

North West England extends from the attractive market towns of Cheshire, through the vast urban areas around Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Blackburn and Burnley, to the wilds of Cumbria in the north – the ancient kingdom of Rheged, where place names reflect its turbulent, multi-racial, past.  For many, the North West means the English Lake District,

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