The scene or site of a notable battle in Britain, or some other conflict involving physical violence.

Clifton, England’s last battle?

Jacobite Gardens, Rebel Tree, Clifton

18 December 1745, and a rebel Jacobite army arrives at the tiny village of Clifton, right at the top of the old county of Westmoreland in the north-west of England.  Maybe four and a half thousand armed men, trudging back to Scotland along rutted, wintry, roads with horses, artillery and baggage.  In November, Bonnie Prince

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The pity of Culloden

Leanach Cottage, Culloden, battle, Jacobites

The Battle of Culloden, fought on 16th April 1746, was the last pitched battle fought on British soil. Like many battlefield sites, Culloden’s oozes an atmosphere of profound sadness, embroidered by its own mythology.  It was a long time ago, but, even now, Culloden’s misleading myths can be powerful: this was the place where a

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The massacre at Glen Coe

Glen Coe, massacre, Jacobites

Scotland’s Glen Coe is justifiably well known to walkers, geographers, geologists and nature-lovers as a place of beauty and interest. It also has a rich history of saints and Vikings. Yet, year after year, visitors from all over the world are drawn by a single event, the terrible massacre at Glen Coe that took place

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Stamford Bridge – the other battle in 1066

Stamford Bridge, Nicolai Arbo

One of the most significant battles in British history took place on 25th September 1066.  It was fought at Stamford Bridge, a village in the north of England on the River Derwent, about 7 miles east of York.  Ah, you say – but wasn’t The Battle at Hastings, in the deep south, on 14th October

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The Battle of Bosworth

Battle of Bosworth 22nd August 1485

The Battle of Bosworth is one of those events that changed the course of history.  Fought on the 22 August 1485, Bosworth was the last significant armed encounter of the so-called Wars of the Roses, the medieval dynastic struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster and their allies, which had rumbled on for three

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1066 – so what?

Battlefield, Hastings, 1066

Every action has a reaction, but there are some events that so obviously and profoundly shape the future.  One of these was the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066*, when heroic Harold, King of England, got beat by wicked William, Duke of Normandy.  Of course, nothing’s that simple – but one thing is for

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Battle of Towton

Great events fall upon people and places, sometimes without warning.  But time takes everything out of focus until there’s nothing obvious to show that anything ever happened there, and no trace of the people who took part.  For example, take the peaceful, and fairly nondescript, farmland south of the little Yorkshire village of Towton: here,

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