An aviation museum, attraction, or event involving aircraft or flying, in Britain.


Blickling Hall, visit Britain

Blickling is an extensive estate and stately home in Norfolk, with walks, gardens and a splendid house to enjoy wandering around.  People will tell you that it was Anne Boleyn’s childhood home, but don’t believe a word of it.  Anne was indeed probably born at Blickling, in 1501 or 1507, but there is no visible […]

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Paying homage to the BBMF

BBMF, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

It was the only time I ever saw our dour, ill-tempered, Polish foreman remotely happy. As a student one hot summer long ago, I had a labouring job on a new section of motorway. It stretched into the distance, an elegantly excavated scar across the land, punctuated with bridges and bright yellow vehicles. One day,

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Boys toys? A visit to Duxford

Spitfire, Battle of Britain, Duxford

Having been weaned on tales of Douglas Bader, Stamford Tuck and Guy Gibson, I get quite excited visiting places like Duxford.  IWM Duxford is home to most of the Imperial War Museum’s collection of rather large exhibits – mainly aircraft.  And, when I say ‘places like Duxford’, to be fair I’m not sure there is

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Battle of Britain Day

Spitfires, Duxford, Battle of Britain

15 September is Battle of Britain Day.  It commemorates the legendary air battle that took place in Britain’s skies, mainly – though not exclusively – over southern England, during the long hot summer and early autumn of 1940.  The conflict has achieved near mythical status in British history.  With the fall of France in June,

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RAF100 – calling Biggles

RAF, Biggles, Sopwith Camel

Captain James Bigglesworth, known as Biggles, absent-mindedly tapped a fresh cigarette on the back of his hand and anxiously eyed the grey eastern sky.  Algy – the Honourable Algernon Montgomery Lacey – was long overdue from patrol over the lines and his fuel would be getting low.  Just then, the melodic hum of a Bentley

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A visit to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm Museum

Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset

The Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm Museum is situated, with startling logic, twenty miles or more from the sea.  It is a massive place and, if you haven’t already guessed, it tells the story of the Royal Navy in the air: oh, come on – you know what I mean… The museum opened in 1964

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