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Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 11:29 am

How to submit a guest blog postReceived wisdom is that guest blogging is a good idea. A guest post can help increase website  readership and traffic, and can be an excellent way of baby writers helping one another.

Being a bright sort of chap-chapess, you probably know this better than I do. I mention it now because I’m getting more and more requests, through the contact page, from people who would like to submit a guest post to A Bit About Britain.  It is not necessarily flattering.  Some of these proposals clearly have sinister intent and are promptly consigned to the spam bin.  Some individuals have made no attempt whatsoever to look at what A Bit About Britain does, not even glancing at the ‘About’ page, which is, frankly, absurd (and discourteous).  Reviews of fluffy bunnies or handbags aren’t really what we do (but if you want to write about hares in British folklore or the British leather industry, that may be of interest). Then, there are the poor souls that, sadly, haven’t a clue how to address a request, punctuate, or even spell, which is rather depressing.  (“Hello, my name is Pandora, I rite quality stuff and wood like to let you have article’s about whatever you want.”) Which leaves a few serious requests from genuine people who make sensible suggestions, provide a link to their own website or blog, and say “How about it?”.

This is of interest.  I’d welcome a few compatible guest pieces, scattered throughout the year, from writers who aren’t too proud to exhibit their work here, and who might be desperate enough to accept an article from me in return.  Indeed, in expectation of the rush of applicants, I have even created a page setting out a few guidelines for guest posting. Actually, I have read that it’s a good idea to do that; it saves a lot of time.

So, if you would like to write a guest article for A Bit About Britain – perhaps a historical event, an account of a visit, or a walk, for example – and perhaps also accept an article for your website in return, please get in touch via the contact page.

22 thoughts on “Submit a guest post”

  1. If you would like some guest posts on your blog it is you that should approach a potential guest poster rather than the other way round.

    I delete all such requests. Probably because when I look at them in details they appear to be spam of self promoting. Not a mutual sharing of common interests.

  2. Ah, yes. I get those often too — and they’re never really relevant or there’s always a string attached. Your guidelines are good ones and make sense. My sense if if that if you like what someone proposes, we (your loyal following!) will!

  3. You penned this beautifully. Perhaps those people should be required to read this post before submitting a guest post? Well, perhaps not, but hopefully they’ll get your ‘drift’ in the guidelines. I often get the ‘read my post’ and ‘follow my blog’. It’s a bit gruff.

  4. Hi Mike – like everyone above … my feeling is – it would be unwise … much easier to keep control and your standards high. Stay safe – Hilary

  5. Same here; like probably most fellow bloggers, I get a similar assortment of requests, and every now and then have accepted one or two.
    My favourite guest poster is of course my Mum – her posts are usually big hits with my readers; she is more popular with them than I am 🙂
    Very good idea to set up guidelines for guestposting. I shall have a look at them right away.

  6. I am a bit surprised to read that someone would send another blogger — especially someone with whom they have established no relationship — a request to submit a guest post. However, I have never been much of a self-promoter. I have nothing to contribute to your excellent blog other than an occasional comment in response to yet another well-written, funny, informational, and inspirational post by you, Mike. Cheers!

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