Now we are three

Bit About BritainThis is an unashamed attempt to plug A Bit About Britain and increase readership.  If you find this kind of thing upsetting, stop reading now, make yourself a cup of tea and have a nice lie-down.

Tempus fugit!  I realised the other day that, after a lengthy gestation period, officially came into the world three years ago this week.  The project was born of an enthusiastic, but occasionally irascible, dad, and a blogspot mother.  Old articles from the original bitaboutbritain blog still sometimes provide quickly prepared suppers when dad’s busy, or feeling lazy.

I’m chuffed and flattered that people read, and even follow, A Bit About Britain.  Thank you so very much if you do; if you enjoy it, find it interesting, entertaining, useful – or any combination of the above – thank you even more.  And in that case, please don’t be shy about suggesting that your friends should take a look at it.  If they are vaguely interested in Britain, its heritage and things to see, you can let them know that A Bit About Britain currently offers almost 400 pages and featured articles, an attraction directory that (so far) randomly lists 650 places of interest, with the whole lot illustrated by over 4,000 images, most of them original.

The articles cover Britain’s regions, history and background, as well as providing first-hand accounts of abandoned abbeys, bloody battlefields, charming churches, crenellated castles, historic houses, gorgeous gardens, moody memorials, peaceful parishes, romantic ruins and wild walks. Each directory listing provides a snippet of basic information if you’re looking for places to visit, including an address and links to websites with more details.  There are timelines for every period of British history from prehistoric to the present, a summary of every king and queen from 843AD to the present, a calendar of Britain’s year – and even a list of British Prime Ministers, bless their cotton socks.

The easiest – and arguably best – way of keeping up with A Bit About Britain is by email.  Your friends can sign up painlessly from this page and will then receive an email every time a new article is posted, so they’ll never miss a thing.  If they don’t want to read the article, they can save it for later – or delete it (if they must).  Or of course, multiple sites, including A Bit About Britain, can be kept tabs on via a variety of feeder services, such as WordPress Reader, Feedly and Bloglovin’.

Please follow A Bit About Britain on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (links below) – though its activity on those sites is somewhat haphazard and, obviously, you still need to visit the website to access much content beyond photographs.  Social media is not designed for in-depth experiences (discuss).

Explore A Bit About Britain’s menu, categories and tags.  If you haven’t visited A Bit About Britain before, take a look at first time here.

Dad has ambitions for his toddler (so watch this space) and A Bit About Britain will by its nature grow.  The attraction directory has been neglected lately and needs more entries.  There is an enormous backlog of articles to be written.  But don’t let that stop you offering suggestions for things or places you’d like to see on A Bit About Britain.  Leave a comment below if your idea is intended for the public domain, or drop a line via the contact page if it isn’t.


86 thoughts on “Now we are three

  1. lowcarbdiabeticJan

    Happy third anniversary!
    I know I don’t visit on a regular basis but when I do I always enjoy your posts and the great information.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    All the best Jan

  2. furrygnome

    One of the most interesting blogs around in my opinion. Great articles, well written with a touch of humour and much more in depth than any other blog posts I read. Didn’t I offer to write a couple entries to your Directory – to add more Scottish content?

  3. SueW

    Happy third anniversary! It’s my blog’s 3rd Anniversary too. I haven’t been here to yours for a while so must make a point of popping over here more often, always an interesting read!

  4. Cynthia

    Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more! I enjoy your topics and your research, along with your writing style, and look forward to what’s to come.

  5. marmeladegypsy

    Three years — really? you ha ton of content here for three years! And it is all good, useful, valuable info. Three cheers to one of my favorite blogs — one of the best researched and most delightful. I think “traveling” with you (and Mrs. Britain on occasion) is loads of fun and I hope you continue on for a long while. I’ll make sure my Brit pals see you!

  6. zooperson

    Congratulations on this three year mark. Your blog is a must read filled with wisdom and wit and oh do well written. I will gladly share this fav spot with others; some of whom are travelers. Well done!

  7. Cynthia

    I always enjoy your posts. I feel like Britain is my second home, both because of my visits and also your blog! My dad grew up in West Yorkshire and I still have family there. Thank you for the posts and the excellent photos!

  8. derrickjknight

    You deserve a wide readership. Congratulations on your anniversary, although you seem so well established that it seems you have been around longer than 3 yers.

  9. hilarymb

    Hi Mike – your blog is a delightful educative informative series of pleasurable trips … I see Lee mentioned me above – which is kind of her. You always give us just the right amount of information and history, sense of place, and I love the learning … I guess there must be places you still need to get to … we’ll enjoy whatever comes our way.

    I use Feedly … and so can keep the post for a while if I’m busy or need to re=read. It’s a great place – and I love being here … may it continue on and on!! Congratulations on three years … has Pooh been to his bridge? Cheers HIlary

    1. Mike@bitaboutbritain Post author

      Thanks, Hilary. Never any shortage of material – only a shortage of time (which includes not visiting other sites (including yours!) as often as I’d like). I often used to visit Pooh Bridge ..!

      1. hilarymb

        Hi Mike – I know time is of the essence isn’t it … just challenging … Pooh Bridge is in just such a lovely area … enjoy the next one – when ever that might be … cheers Hilary

  10. Anne Clare

    Congratulations on your blog’s third birthday! (If we were closer I would offer to make a cake…hmm, I suppose I should at least eat some here in honor of it…) I enjoy your stories and insights so much, and always look forward to a visit. I’m happy to share that anywhere I can, so plug away!!! I’ll have to follow you on some of the other social media sites, though “haphazard” is a good word for my involvement on them too- or maybe reluctant is better 🙂 All the best, and looking forward to seeing what A Bit About Britain has in store!

      1. Anne Clare

        oooh, I’d never heard of a Victoria sponge so I had to look up recipes- cake baking might have just gone on the schedule this weekend 😀

  11. Easymalc

    Congratulations on your third birthday Mike.
    As a relative newcomer to your site I can only reiterate what others have said. You’ve produced a fantastic set of pages that cover everything imaginable about what there is to see in this wonderful country of ours, and so well written and produced too.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Ida Tipping

    Great work Thank you
    Got achance of learning while visiting this country I love
    Too far away, too expensive, so near in my screen
    Happy birthday

  13. artandarchitecturemainly

    Thanks and go for it!

    If you are asking for suggestions, I love late Victorian and Edwardian town planning, architecture, town landscaping, ports and pleasure piers etc

  14. cleemckenzie

    I love coming here–thanks to Hilary who turned me on to your site! It always makes me want to return to England and explore the places you’ve written so much about. I do tell others about your blog, but I certainly can share you with my meager following on FB and that obnoxious Twitter. How about a blog appearance one of these days? You’re a writers’ resource for any of them doing stories set in England. They should know about you.

  15. Debs

    I love it for all the above reasons and always suggest this site to anyone travelling to the UK. Longtime fan here! 🙂

  16. Darlene

    Mike, I love your blog. I recently went back thru many of your posts, starting with those concerning Dark Age Britain (post-Rome) and ending with the Stuart’s. I did not realize that I was celebrating your 3rd birthday!

    I am an email subscriber and will pass on information about your site. I must confess that I usually focus on reading your articles–with an appreciation for your excellent writing and marvelous photographs. I have just begun to explore the other sections of your website.

    Thank you for all the passion that you have for your subject. I hope to visit England one day–to visit the sites in person that I have explored in my mind. Thanks again.

  17. sara

    Happy happy! Thank you for your blog; I always enjoy my visits, and I keep you in my blogroll on my own blog so I don’t lose track. I’ve just now followed you on Facebook too, and posted your link so my FB friends know about you! You are well worth knowing. All the best with your future plans . . . sounds like you’ve got something big planned.

  18. Alli Templeton

    Happy Birthday to BoB! You’ve a great site here and there’s nothing wrong with plugging for more followers. Unfortunately I’m useless on the social media front because I avoid it like the plague, but I will certainly spread the word among friends and family, and anyone else who cares to listen. In the meantime, you’ve a dedicated follower here, and I really enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  19. Judy Masrud

    Happy Birthday, BAB(e)!! Well done. Have a pint at the local pub and for goodness sake take Mrs. Britain with you. I would still suggest that you create an informative bio
    with a live link to your blog and post a photo a day on Instagram. I miss you over there! Signed, Cranberry Morning.

    1. tidalscribe

      Happy Birthday thanks for the work that must go in to each blog. How every many places we visit in Britain there are still places we want to go.l

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