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Lake District, Great Gable, Sour Milk Gill, AllerdaleThe world feels a very curious and scary place at the moment. There’s an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, like being in the middle of a sci-fi movie.  The future is even more uncertain than it was.  As an older neighbour said to me today, “It’s rather like being at war.” But without the bombs and, of course, the enemy is unseen.  Coronavirus is going to change us; not only more of the tragedy of human loss that we have seen already, but with unknown socio-economic outcomes.  What can we do?  Churchill had a little maxim with which he would often sign-off conversations: “KBO”, he’d say (keep buggering on).  #KBO – in other words, keep going, keep trying.  It’s a pithier version of ‘keep calm and carry on’.  There are millions of people, not least health-workers and scientists, who are doing that, all over the world.  I’m not qualified to help them directly.  But what I can try and do is to keep writing about Britain’s history and heritage on A Bit About Britain, in the hope that this may provide some amusement and interest for some shut indoors, and whet appetites for when we can once again visit these places. Because we will.  Meanwhile, the outdoors isn’t closed, of course; so, if you can, take the opportunity to explore nearby parks and countryside, learn about what’s there, take photos, wave at people, and share your experiences with others. Whatever you do, though, #KBO.

42 thoughts on “KBO”

  1. I need a pleasant breather today and am reading some of your older blog posts. I am happy to learn this new phrase and abbreviation. I will definitely KBO.

  2. I haven’t been to your site in a long while. I hope you’re safe during this pandemic. You’re right, if you can get outdoors, do it. Yesterday, I did a solo paddle to a barrier island and didn’t see but three other boats (all motor boats) and they were meany meters away. It was a ten mile paddle and it was good to be outside! Stay well.

  3. lowcarbdiabeticJan

    One thing about this Covid 19 are the many new terms and words being used!

    Stay safe and well and keep smiling.

    All the best Jan

  4. Cynthiareimer

    If it’s good enough for Churchill, it’s good enough for us! KBO with A Bit About Britain, please.

  5. Hi Mike – I prefer Churchill’s quote … KBO is too short! Enjoy the great outdoors – at least Spring is almost here … cheers Hilary

  6. First of all hello. And I’m sorry for my protracted absence. I had reasons. No excuses but reasons. I will share what is relevant and keep mum on what is not in due course. But the thing is this. Ironically, I feel better than I have in almost 2 years as I grapple along with the rest of the world with the discombobulating new realities of life. I keep hope that when we emerge, and you are right, we will, that a new spirit of cooperation, decency, kindness and tolerance will surface with us and permeate the world with a much needed new spirit. But in the meantime, please please keep writing, please please keep tantalising and informing in equal measure which is what you have always done. KBO we must. And with writers like you in the world, we need not be B for bored as we do it!

  7. Meks Librarian

    One positive side effect of all this might be that society as a whole learns true appreciation of all those brave people working for our health, nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers and so on, last but not least those who mop the hospital floors, wash the bedsheets and cook the meals. Maybe we will finally see these people receive the payment they deserve.

  8. Yes, we must KBO! This is going to be my new catch phrase, as opposed to CBA (stolen from my sons.) Thank goodness for fresh air, the ability to walk in the beautiful Surrey Hills and the blogging community.

  9. Glad to hear you’ll KBO – and I’m looking forward (hopefully, once I get this “distance teaching” figured out, and the “distance learning” for the brood) to finding more time to catch up on all of your fantastic bloggish tours of Britain! Wishing you and yours all the best, and good health.

  10. artandarchitecturemainly

    No more lectures here, for the foreseeable future 🙁 So I am sorting out my old books with a view to eventually donating them to our libraries. If anybody would like beautiful history or art history reference books for free, leave me a note on my blog page and simply pay for the postage.

    Outdoors, here I come.
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  11. artandarchitecturemainly

    All lectures at my museum have been indefinitely postponed, so I keep preparing notes then wonder what for 🙁 But you are quite right… we have the internet, tv, radio and the great outdoors.

    And I am busy sorting through old books, unused for 10+ years, with a plan to donate (eventually) to two libraries. Anybody want any history and art history reference books? As long as you pay the postage, I will happily send these beautiful books away.


  12. All the way from sunny South Africa – as of yesterday also in total (almost) lockdown. Thanks for your KBO advise and thank you always for your fascinating blog. I’ve been a dedicated fan now for well on two years. It feels like a war because it is a war and much worse is still to come. All the best.

  13. Well done Mike, particularly as I have had emails today from English Heritage and Cumbria Wildlife Trust advising closure of all “staffed sites”. National Trust won’t be far behind . . .

  14. Yes, we’ll KBO. I was going to say, “That’s what we Brits do,” but in view of the selfishness of some people, I think not all of ua think like that.

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