Somewhere in England – Part 2

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 11:35 am

This is the second in our short three-part video series showing a humble English garden during the lockdown of 2020. Not to be taken very seriously – obviously – these videos perfectly illustrate why preparing a script is such good practice; I’ll try to remember to do that next time.  But at least you get to meet Eleanor, a pleasure not experienced by many hitherto; it must be her stony expression.

All three videos will eventually appear on A Bit About Britain’s Facebook and Twitter pages (assuming BT can sort out the currently appalling slow upload speeds) using #opengarden, #lockdowngarden .  Don’t forget to join me and post your own photos and videos – let’s share images of our modest patches from Britain, and beyond, and make ourselves smile – even if no one else does.

Part 3 coming soon – I know, you can barely contain yourself can you?

Somewhere in England

28 thoughts on “Somewhere in England – Part 2”

  1. Eleanor is very elegant looking; you’re smart to keep Gregory away from her. You have so many outbuildings! It must be nice to have a lot of storage space. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so I’ll have to just look at everything here.

  2. Lovely garden and so many birds! I would make one of the washhouses into a garden studio if it was me! That has been my dream for a while.

  3. Hi Mike – say hello to Eleanor for me and Geoffrey as well! Interesting layout of your garden – but love the ‘orchard’ area … as too the hospital – glad it’s not in lock-down. Those outhouses are such a boon to us today … take care – and see you soon – Hilary

  4. Thanks for another lovely tour- it looks like a very pleasant place to be quarantined, at least!
    I feel like Eleanor might be doing more than hanging around, though- perhaps she’s faithfully watching over the garden hospital, helping keep morale up for the patients when no one else is around! (My plants could use someone to watch over them, poor things. At least being home so much, we stand a fighting chance of resurrecting the strawberry patch. :))

  5. pollymacleod

    Your garden is beautiful. I used to have a hospital wing in my garden, but sadly not much survived so I abandoned it. Glad to hear you are better, I was wondering where you had got to.

  6. I was having trouble with the audio so I couldn’t hear your narration but I see by the comments that one spot was a hospital. Very smart. If I had hospital it would be bigger than the garden!

  7. artandarchitecturemainly

    Gardening is the one thing we CAN do during the era of social isolation. And planting vegetable patches.

  8. Hello Eleanor. Maybe you should evict the partidges, then you might get some pears. Nice garden mate! Cheers,

  9. I have a plant hospital, too. I love to rescue plants, from the poorly section of our local nursery, and attempt to bring them back to life! Looking forward to Part 3!

  10. I liked what you showed us so far very much and can’t wait to see part 3 of your videos.
    A German Lady

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