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Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 11:43 am

Occasionally, things on A Bit About Britain need to be updated.  It doesn’t normally warrant a mention.  However, some time ago, I wrote a piece about a simple memorial to a 22-year old Battle of Britain pilot, James Tillet, or Tillett. I couldn’t help wondering about this young flyer who gave his life long before I was born, and what his story was.  The article has subsequently received some lovely contributions, which I realise are part of the story.  And then, waiting for me when I got home one night this week was an extraordinary email from someone whose late mother not only knew James, but knew him well.  He was known to the family as Jimmy.  The email said, “…he gave his life so that I, today, can write this to you…I have a picture of him, the picture that all our life has sat on our mantelpiece.”

So, I should like to direct anyone who might be interested to have a glance at the revised Memorial to James Tillet.  It is not only very moving, but also – particularly at a time when the Internet demonstrates much that is unpleasant about human nature – a gentle reminder of how the Internet can be used in a positive way.

11 thoughts on “Update – Flying Officer James Tillett”

  1. It’s 80 years to the day since Jimmy was killed, I’ll be putting s cross on his grave next week

  2. Just shows you that even though the internet can be very annoying and intrusive at times, it can also provide valuable information previously lost….. this is a great update and ensures that F/O Tippett is remembered. Fascinating.

  3. Hi Mike – such a wonderful story – albeit he died so young – he looks very handsome … loved the update … great that Alexie got in touch … cheers Hilary

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