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A Bit About Britain's History, Mike BilesAt an Amazon store near you…A Bit About Britain’s History will be released as an e-book on 23 August and, hopefully at roughly the same time, a paperback too. The e-book is available for pre-order now for less than the price of a pint; and, really, that’s not too bad, is it? In fact, if you drink wine by the glass it’s an absolute bargain.  The paperback will, inevitably, cost a little more; but will provide you with a tangible treasure to be cherished forever.  And it will probably still be cheaper than a glass of wine in many pubs.

From what I can make out (and I’m feeling my way with all this publishing stuff), the e-book version of A Bit About Britain’s History is available via Amazon’s UK, US, Australian, Canadian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Indian, Japanese, Brazilian and Mexican sites.  The paperback will be available only via Amazon in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.  Sorry about that…

So what’s it all about?

“The past is us.  It was also so totally different from anything you have experienced.”

When A Bit About Britain was created, first as a hesitant blog, then as a slightly more ambitious website, it was clear that some historical background was needed.  If you’re visiting a castle, stately home, monument, or whatever, knowing a bit about the history helps put everything in context. Events, people and places come more alive, you start seeing how they all join up and, maybe, get a glimpse of the twisted path behind that brought us to where we are.

So a few articles about British history were tentatively written for the website.  Timelines were added.  Every now and again, bits have been updated.  Put them all together in a single volume and you’ve got A Bit About Britain’s History – a brief, distinctly unacademic and occasionally quirky introduction to Britain’s story. It’s quite a tale, from footsteps across a land that is now under the sea to the digital age.

Maybe A Bit About Britain’s History could be a selective reminder of what you might have learned at school, possibly even something for a younger reader to give a little background for a new term.  Or perhaps you’re coming to the subject fresh and want to understand something of how Britain evolved without getting into too much detail.

Just one thing: if you do risk buying the book, and by some miracle enjoy it, please leave a glowing review on Amazon.  If you don’t enjoy it, send me an email and I’ll try to do better next time.

Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast

74 thoughts on “Coming soon – A Bit About Britain’s History!

      1. TheRamblingWombat

        Done deal though I will need to finish Ackroyd’s Biography of London first. It would have benefited from a good edit/cull. I really enjoyed it at the beginning but it is getting a bit repetitive/predictable now (perhaps like my NK reviews lol) that I am about half way through. He is ‘trying’ to hard to convey the city as different than other places in areas where it really isn’t not. Anyway still worth persevering.

        1. Mike@bitaboutbritain Post author

          Ah – if you’re into serious writers like Peter Ackroyd you’ll find A Bit about Britain’s History a bit superficial. It’s meant to be – but you could maybe wait for the DVD… 🙂

          1. TheRamblingWombat

            Will I read a lot about London my knowledge on the rest of the first is extremely superficial so I look forward to your take. Also I admire people with the dedication to write a book as I know I couldn’t do it.

  1. hilarymb

    Brilliant Mike … so good to know it’s coming out – I look forward to reading it. Congratulations – cheers Hilary

  2. Eunice

    It sounds good Mike, I’ll certainly be getting the paperback version when it’s available – will it come with any awful jokes?? 🙂

  3. starry traveler

    Congrats on the upcoming book! Dumb question : why is the paperback version not available on Amazon Canada? I cannot figure out why Canada have such a lousy selection of books from authors from other countries…

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