Christmas posting, 2019

Christmas post

A Bit About Britain provides several seasonal ever-green offerings with which to amuse its reader (click or tap on an image below).  A new topical article is planned for Christmas 2019.  Meanwhile, last posting dates in the UK according to our trusty source are (or were) as follows:

1st class UK - 20 December; 2nd class UK - 18 December; Anywhere else - get a move on, or you'll miss it.

25 thoughts on “Christmas posting, 2019

  1. mekslibrarian

    I have posted 1 package, 2 smaller parcels and 19 Christmas cards on Monday. Phew! That makes me feel much more ready. I love Christmas and the Advent weeks with all their traditional activities and symbols, and I also love to establish my own traditions, such as the Advent village O.K. and I share between us, or going to the sing-along concert of Christmas carols with my Mum (nobody else in our family will do that).

  2. Judy Masrud

    What a nice Christmas collection! So far I’ve two Christmas cards written but none sent. It’s been busy. If I get back that way again, I hope to find a mince pie that is more like my grandmother’s (real beef, real suet) than the less-than-satisfactory one at Nero’s. At least it was very small so that I only had a very small disappointment. I hope you and Mrs. B have a very happy Christmas. You may or may not receive that Christmas card in 2019. Sigh. xo

    1. Mike@bitaboutbritain Post author

      If it’s any consolation, I haven’t even bought any cards yet. Therefore, ours to you definitely won’t arrive in time – so in the meantime best wishes from us both to you, Mr Cranberry and all the baby Cranberries for the most wonderful Christmas xxx

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