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Britain’s changing calendar

News, A Bit About Britain

News for my loyal reader – the ‘Britain’s calendar’ page on A Bit About Britain, which previously listed holidays and annual events, has been massively overhauled and updated.  That page now focuses on public holidays, with all that information contained in one simple infographic.  The events information has been greatly expanded and moved to four …

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Lake District, Great Gable, Sour Milk Gill, Allerdale

The world feels a very curious and scary place at the moment. There’s an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, like being in the middle of a sci-fi movie.  The future is even more uncertain than it was.  As an older neighbour said to me today, “It’s rather like being at war.” But without the bombs and, of …

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The first BREXIT

Britain's History

The last land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe gave way to the rising sea about 8,000 years ago. It is doubtful whether the significance of the event was widely recognised at the time – it was possibly the original hard Brexit Day. Read a bit about it. Image links to Amazon

News, January 2020

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My regular (congratulations) reader will be awed to learn that some things on A Bit About Britain occasionally get updated. Particular articles that have been recently improved, mainly with the addition of new photos, include those on Winchester Palace, the Tower of London, Secret London and Temple Bar. The aforementioned reader will be even more …

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Update – Flying Officer James Tillett

Occasionally, things on A Bit About Britain need to be updated.  It doesn’t normally warrant a mention.  However, some time ago, I wrote a piece about a simple memorial to a 22-year old Battle of Britain pilot, James Tillet, or Tillett. I couldn’t help wondering about this young flyer who gave his life long before …

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A Bit About Britain’s History repeats itself

A Bit About Britain's History

Finally – A Bit About Britain’s History (From a long time ago until quite recently) is available as both an e-book and paperback on Amazon. A Bit About Britain’s History is a light introduction to Britain’s fascinating story.  It could be a selective reminder of what you might have learned at school; or if you …

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History postponed

The launch of ‘A Bit About Britain’s History’, both e-book and paperback versions, has been delayed.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to take the decision yesterday to cancel the publication due for 23 August. You can imagine how exasperating and teeth-gnashingly frustrating this is. In fact, that’s somewhat under-stated. The cancellation automatically cancels the pre-orders …

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The office of Prime Minister

Downing Street, Prime Minister, UK

The appointment of a new Prime Minister for the United Kingdom on 24 July 2019 necessitated an update to the list of British Prime Ministers provided on A Bit About Britain. Actually, the whole page looked a little tired.  Accordingly, the opportunity is being taken to update it, adding brief biographical details of our illustrious …

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Free access

Free access

Days out can be expensive.  But there are thousands of places to visit, and things to see, in Britain that won’t cost you a penny – particularly if you’re prepared to explore, though some are very accessible indeed.  So, a new category has been added to A Bit About Britain’s listings under ‘Places to Visit’.  …

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