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Wray Castle is best approached by cycling, walking, ferry or a combination of all three; the journey to get there is probably the most exciting part of the visitor experience. Wray Castle is not a real castle, but an elaborate Gothic fake, built as a private home in 1840.  It was built for Dr and Mrs James Dawson, using her inheritance from gin (so to speak).  But, apparently, she hated it and refused to live there. Its one claim to fame is that it was once rented by Beatrix Potter’s parents for a family holiday in 1882 and is where she met Hardwicke Rawnsley, one of the founders of the National Trust – who now own the place.  The castle is a lovely building, highly photogenic, in a stunning location on the west bank of Lake Windermere and able to be explored inside and out.  It is probably ideal for small children and that is possibly what the Trust is aiming it at, because otherwise there isn’t much to detain you for very long.

Low Wray
Post Code:
LA22 0JA
Main Historic Period:
Useful Website Address:
Beatrix Potter's House, Lake Windermere
Primary Management:
National Trust

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