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Britain, places to visit, attractions, heritageThis is the place to search for places and things of interest to visit in Britain, by name, location, type, keyword – or just have a browse.  It is a growing directory – 700+ entries as of October 2019.  Most entries have links for further information.

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It may come as a surprise that one of - if not the - finest Baroque churches in Britain is not in London, but in rural Worcestershire. It dates from 1735, replacing an earlier medieval parish church which stood a little way to the west. It was built by the then owners of neighbouring Witley Court, the Foleys, possibly for their convenience, but not as a private chapel; it has always been a parish church. In 1747, the interior was transformed by the installation of internal decoration from the chapel at Canons, Lord Chandos' Edgware palace - and the impact is astonishing. Dedicated to St Michael and All Angels, Great Witley Church also boasts the Foley Monument, at 26 feet (8 metres) reputed to be the tallest funerary monument in the country.

Location/Address: Witley Court Drive
off Worcester Road
Great Witley
County: Worcestershire
Post Code: WR6 6JT
Main Historic Period: Georgian
Link to featured article: Is this Britain's finest Baroque church?
Useful Website Address: Great Witley Church's website
Tip/Nearby: Witley Court is next door and don't miss the excellent tearoom nearby
Primary Management: Church authorities

The medieval Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin, Worcester, perches beautifully over the river Severn. It was founded in the 7th century, rebuilt by St Oswald in the 10th century and the present building was begun by St Wulfstan in 1084. The Norman crypt is particularly worth seeing.  Worcester Cathedral was badly damaged during the Civil War in the 17th century and has been subsequently restored, notably by the Victorians. It is the burial place of King John, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales (Henry VIII's older brother) and Stanley Baldwin, three times Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Location/Address: Chapter Office
8 College Yard
County: Worcestershire
Post Code: WR1 2LA
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Useful Website Address: Worcester Cathedral website
Primary Management: Church authorities

Memorial to 'the Cockleshell Heroes' who took part in Operation Franklin in 1942. One of their number was Marine Albert Laver, who came from Birkenhead. The memorial was unveiled in December 2012 by Lord ('Paddy') Ashdown.

Location/Address: Woodside Promenade
County: Wirral
Post Code: CH41
Main Historic Period: Modern
Link to featured article: The Rose Garden and the Cockleshell Heroes
Tip/Nearby: The memorial is a few yards due west of Woodside Pier and Ferry Terminal.
Primary Management: Local Authority

Enormous Neolithic stone henge and bank surrounding the entire village of Avebury.  Dates from c2600BC.  Part of a wider complex of prehistoric sites nearby. Get up close and personal with the stones - which you cannot normally do at nearby Stonehenge.

Location/Address: Avebury
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN8 1RF
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: Avebury Henge
Useful Website Address: English Heritage listing for Avebury
Tip/Nearby: Huge number of prehistoric sites, including West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill and Windmill Hill, within walking distance. Stonehenge not far away by road.
Primary Management: National Trust

Lacock is one of those places that are almost frozen in another time. In this small picture-perfect Wiltshire village of about 350 souls, there are few overt trappings of the 21st century: no satellite dishes or TV aerials, no yellow lines, and only a small amount of signage – which anyway appears to be easily removable. Blank out the cars and rough-up the road surface a little and you’re transported back to the past, albeit a sanitised version where every building is immaculately maintained. Which explains why Lacock is one of the UK’s premier locations for filming period dramas, like Pride and Prejudice and Cranford. The village is owned by the National Trust.

Location/Address: Lacock
Nr Chippenham
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN15 2LG
Main Historic Period: N/A
Link to featured article: Lacock
Useful Website Address: National Trust details on Lacock
Tip/Nearby: Lacock Abbey and the Fox Talbot Museum
Primary Management: National Trust

The first cathedral was completed in 1092 at the now deserted Old Sarum, about 3 miles to the north of 'new Sarum' - modern Salisbury. Work on the present cathedral began in 1220 and was substantially complete by 1320. Salisbury Cathedral is a soaring Gothic masterpiece. It has the tallest church spire (404 feet - 123 metres), and the largest cloister and cathedral close in Britain, houses the world's oldest working clock, dating from 1386) and holds one of four surviving copies of the 1215 Magna Carta. Famously painted by John Constable, among its notable burials is ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath (1916-2005).

Location/Address: The Close
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SP1 2EF
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Useful Website Address: Salisbury Cathedral website
Tip/Nearby: Stonehenge, Old Sarum
Primary Management: Church authorities
St Cyriac, Lacock

St Cyriac was a boy saint and St Cyriac's in Lacock is one of the few churches in Britain dedicated to him. It is a very large parish church, mostly 15th century, on an earlier site and with features from 16th - 20th centuries. The Lady Chapel c1420 is exceptional and the Renaissance memorial of 1566 to Sir W Sharington of Lacock Abbey definitely worth a look. There are some particularly fine carvings, too.

Location/Address: Church Street
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN15 2LB
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Link to featured article: St Cyriac and the tour party
Useful Website Address: Lacock church website
Tip/Nearby: Lacock village and abbey
Primary Management: Church authorities

West Kennet Avenue is the remains of what was once 100 pairs of standing stones linking Avebury with the Sanctuary.

Location/Address: Avebury
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN8 1RD
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Tip/Nearby: Avebury
Primary Management: National Trust

Large, chambered, tomb dating from around 3,650BC.  Five burial chambers which once contained the remains of approx 50 people - you can enter the tomb.  Visit whilst seeing Avebury nearby.

Location/Address: Near Avebury
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN8 1QH
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: West Kennet Long Barrow
Tip/Nearby: Very limited parking. Close to Avebury - park there and walk.
Primary Management: English Heritage
CALLANISH Standing Stones

The Callanish (or Calanais in Gaelic) Standing Stones is a complex of 50 stones in a cruciform arrangement roughly aligned north-south, with an inner circle of 13 stones and a small chambered cairn. They date from 3000BC and there are several other prehistoric sites nearby, including 3 additional circles. As with other stone circles in Britain, there is no satisfactory explanation for the purpose of these monuments - though, according to tradition they are petrified giants.

There is a modern visitor centre managed by Urras nan Tursachan (The Standing Stones Trust).

Location/Address: Calanais Visitor Centre
Isle of Lewis
County: Western Isles
Post Code: HS2 9DY
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Tip/Nearby: Other prehistoric sites - details tba
Primary Management: Historic Scotland
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