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White Horse Hill, Uffington

This part of the North Wessex Downs - a designated AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) was a busy place in prehistoric times, with ample evidence of human activity since the Neolithic period. White Horse hill features Britain's oldest chalk hillside figures, a spectacular, highly stylised, carving of a gigantic horse believed to be some 3,000 years old. Some think it's not a horse, but a dragon; and below it is Dragon Hill, a natural lump (though it looks man-made) where patch of bare ground on the top is meant to be where St George killed the dragon and spilled its blood. Above the White Horse is Uffington Castle, a simple rectangular Iron Age structure dating from around 700 BC and the highest point in Oxfordshire. Behind it is the Ridgeway, part of an ancient trackway that stretched from Dorset to the Wash, parts of which are still in use.

Unfortunately, it is hard to photograph Uffington's White Horse - except from the air.

There is a National Trust car park nearby and a small disabled pull-in on Dragon Hill Road.

Location/Address: White Horse Hill
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: SN7 7QN
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: Uffington's White Horse - etc
Tip/Nearby: Waylands Smithy, Tom Brown's School Museum
Primary Management: National Trust
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