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Waylands Smithy

Waylands Smithy is a Neolithic long barrow, a burial site, dating from 3600-3400 BC and built in two phases. The remains of 14 people have been found from Phase 1. Phase 2 had been robbed but the remains of 8 bodies have been found. The site has long been associated with the Saxon folk figure-god, Wayland the Smith. The story goes that if a traveller left some money and his shoeless horse overnight, he would return to find his horse shod and the money gone. Waylands Smithy is accessible from the ancient Ridgeway footpath.

There is very limited parking on the closest road, Knighton Hill. More reliable is the NT car park for White Horse Hill - about 1.25 miles away - Waylands Smithy is signposted from there. A circular walk can also take in the White Horse of Uffington, Uffington Castle and Dragon Hill.

Location/Address: Ashbury
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: SN7 7QN
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: The legend of Wayland's Smithy
Tip/Nearby: White Horse, Uffington, Tom Brown's School Museum
Primary Management: National Trust
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