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Warkworth Castle

Once a favourite residence of the powerful Percy family, Warkworth Castle and its lovely village occupy a natural defensive position on a spur in the River Coquet, about a mile from the sea. The Percys were involved in many feuds and plots, not least playing a key part in the Wars of the Roses. Though ruined, their castle at Warkworth displays more than a hint of its previous grandeur, with rich heraldic carvings, including the great lion of the Percys looking down from the 14th century great tower, beautiful Gothic-style windows and grand rooms. The 4th Earl even planned to build a church inside the castle walls - though it was never finished. Warkworth also features in Shakespeare's Henry IV.  Nearby and included in the entrance fee, is the Hermitage - a medieval chapel carved out of rock and accessible (at limited times) only by boat.

Castle Terrace
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Alnick, Dunstanburgh, Bamburgh
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