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Uffington Castle

Topping the hill above the White Horse of Uffington is an 8-acre hillfort, Uffington Castle, and the highest point in Oxfordshire. It was originally built in around 700 BC, a simple, but massive, ditch and bank, topped with chalk-filled timber ramparts. In about 300 BC, the timber was replaced with sarsen stones. The purpose of Uffington Castle is unknown. It might have been a gathering place of some sort, even a trading post. There are a number of Romano-British burials nearby and fairs were held in the fort in recent centuries.

Park in the National Trust car park for the White Horse

Location/Address: Uffington
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: SN7 7QN
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: Uffington's White Horse - etc
Tip/Nearby: White Horse, Wayland's Smithy
Primary Management: National Trust
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