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Trafalgar Square

Laid out in 1830-41 on the site of the earlier royal stables, Trafalgar Square in central London commemorates Admiral Nelson's naval victory in 1805 and has Nelson's Column as its main feature. There are four plinths for statues in the square: General Sir Charles James Napier, Major General Sir Henry Havelock and King George IV. The fourth plinth, empty for many years, now features contemporary works of art. There is an equestrian statue of Charles I to the south of the square, traditionally the original location for Charing Cross and the site of execution of the regicides after the restoration. Trafalgar Square, London's largest square, is surrounded by attractions - like the National Gallery - and has long been a location for meetings, protests and revels. Legend has it there is buried treasure beneath its paving stones...

County: London
Post Code: WC2N 5DN
Main Historic Period: Victorian
Link to featured article: Exploring Trafalgar Square
Tip/Nearby: Whitehall, Westminster, National Gallery, Covent Garden...
Primary Management: Local Authority
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