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St JOHN the BAPTIST, Tunstall

St JOHN the BAPTIST, Tunstall
St JOHN the BAPTIST, Tunstall

The tiny village of Tunstall has had a church since at least the 11th century, though its current one dates from the 13th and was largely rebuilt around 1415 by Sir Thomas Tunstall, with further restorations in the 16th and 20th centuries. A mutilated effigy in the church is thought to be of Sir Thomas.

The Bronte sisters attended Tunstall church in the 1820’s whilst at the nearby Clergy Daughters’ School in Cowan Bridge.

In 2015, a painting which had hung in the church for 200 years was found to be a masterpiece by 16th century Venetian artist Francesco Montemezzano, worth more than £100,000.

In the inner jamb of a window in the north aisle is a Roman votive stone, believed to be an altar to the god Asclepius, Greek god of medicine, reused from the nearby fort of Calacum.

Location/Address: Church Lane
County: Lancashire
Post Code: LA6 2RQ
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Tip/Nearby: Kirkby Lonsdale
Primary Management: Church authorities
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