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One of the oldest pubs in London, said to date from 1585. Full of legends, it was either named because it was once the home of the Spanish Ambassador, or because it was owned by two Spanish brothers, who quarrelled over a woman. Dick Turpin is said to have been a former customer and there are several ghosts. It has appeared in work by Charles Dickens and Bram Stoker - and it has been claimed that Keats wrote 'Ode to a Nightingale' in the garden. The garden, incidentally, is great. A busy, but must visit, kind of place - situated close to Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath.

Location/Address: Spaniards Road
County: London
Post Code: NW3 7JJ
Main Historic Period: Tudor
Link to featured article: A stroll across Hampstead Heath
Useful Website Address: Spaniards Inn website
Tip/Nearby: Kenwood House, Keats House, Hampstead Heath
Primary Management: Private - open to the public
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