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Scottish Crannog Centre

Crannogs were circular dwellings built in and above water. They were in use as recently as the 17th century but date back to around 3,000 BC and their remains have been found throughout Scotland and Ireland. The remains of more than 20 have been found in Loch Tay - the reason for the concentration is unknown, though it was possibly a trade route. The Scottish Crannog Centre is a museum that includes a reconstructed crannog based on one excavated nearby and dating from 2,500 BC. It consists of a roundhouse supported on 168 timber piles driven into the loch bed and connected to the shore by means of a 20 M long timber bridge. As well as the crannog and the museum, there are reconstructions and displays showing how crannog dwellers lived and worked.

Location/Address: Loch Tay
Nr Aberfeldy
County: Perthshire
Post Code: PH15 2HY
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Useful Website Address: Scottish Crannog Centre website
Tip/Nearby: Aberfeldy
Primary Management: Other
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