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The Rollright Stones

The Rollrights is a complex of three megalithic monuments on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, close to the Cotswolds. hills. The complex consists of a stone circle (The King's Men), about 100 feet in diameter, a dolmen (burial chamber - the Whispering Knights) and a single standing stone (The King Stone). The Whispering Knights dolmen dates from the early Neolithic period, c3,800-3,500 BC, the King's Men stone circle is late Neolithic, c2,500 BC; and the King Stone is Bronze Age, c1,500 BC. Close to the King's stone is a mound, once called the Archdruid's Barrow and people used to gather and dance nearby on Midsummer Eve. There are so many legends associate with these ancient stones. All were once humans, it is said, a king and his army - turned to stone by a witch. It is also meant to be impossible to count the stones in the stone circle.  There is limited parking in a lay-by.

Location/Address: Unclassified Road
Between Chipping Norton and Long Compton
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: OX7 5QB
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Useful Website Address: Rollright Stones website
Tip/Nearby: The Cotswolds, Blenheim Palace
Primary Management: Other
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