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Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, has more than 1500 listed buildings from every period of history since the 11th century.  It grew as a river crossing  - a ford for oxen - in Saxon times at a strategic position beside two rivers, the Thames (known locally as ‘the Isis’) and the Cherwell.  The crossroads of the old town is known as the Carfax, a word derived from the Latin (or French) for ‘four forks’.  Though known as the home of Britain’s oldest university, dating from the 13th century, there was also considerable industrial development in the 20th century. The university consists of some 39 colleges and the first one, University College, was founded in 1249.  Many of the colleges can be visited and have beautiful gardens as well as stunning chapels and halls.  The colleges have educated world leaders as well as authors, scientists, actors and comedians.  Balliol College has produced several prime ministers, including Herbert Asquith, Harold Macmillan, Edward Heath and Boris Johnson.  Among Christ Church's alumni are thirteen prime ministers, including Robert Peel, WE Gladstone, Anthony Eden and Alec Douglas-Home,

Oxford is an easy city to wander in and there’s an architectural gem around most corners.  Get a map and work out a route. Each college has something special, but favourites include Balliol, Christ Church, Magdalen, Merton and Exeter.  Take a tour of the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and in Britain is second in size only to the British Library. Don’t miss sites like the Sheldonian Theatre or the Bridge of Sighs.  World class museums include the Pitt-Rivers and the Ashmolean – the world’s oldest public museum.  Visit the Oxford Botanic Garden – the UK’s oldest botanic garden.  Take a trip on a punt and pop into  one of Oxford’s historic pubs. Oxford is also famous for its literary connections and places that have been featured in film or on TV.

Location/Address: Oxford
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: OX1 3AS
Main Historic Period: All
Useful Website Address: Oxfordshire tourist website
Tip/Nearby: Attractions not far from Oxford include Woodstock and Blenheim Palace, Burford, Wantage (birthplace of King Alfred the Great), the Berkshire Downs to the east and the Cotswolds to the west.
Primary Management: Local Authority
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