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Ouse Valley Viaduct

The Ouse Valley Viaduct, aka the Balcombe Viaduct, is a photographer's dream. It isn't just its size - just under 1,500 feet long and about 100 high (450 x 29m), or the elegance of 37 brick arches stretching across the Sussex countryside, but the design. The arches are symmetrical and create an artistic tunnel - quite extraordinary. It is built of 11 million bricks, originally from Holland, but has been repaired so often with different bricks that it's now a kind of brick patchwork. Completed in 1842, it is a remarkable Victorian structure and carries more than 100 trains a day between London and Brighton. There's a small lay-by on Borde Hill Lane, between Balcombe and Haywards Heath, large enough for 2 or 3 cars. Take boots if it's wet.

Location/Address: Borde Hill Lane
County: West Sussex
Post Code: RH17 6QP
Main Historic Period: Victorian
Tip/Nearby: Wakehurst Place, Nymans
Primary Management: Other
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