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Oriel College was founded by Edward II in 1326. Though the majority of Oriel’s buildings date from the 17th century onwards, its student halls are medieval and one, Tackley's Inn, is the oldest hall in Oxford. Soon after its foundation, the ‘College of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ was given a property called ‘La Oriole’, on the site of the present Front Quadrangle, and gradually the college came to be called by that name. During the English Civil War, the college housed part of King Charles I’s government when Oxford was his capital. Later, the college was at the heart of the Oxford Movement. In 1985, the college became the last all-male college in Oxford to admit women undergraduates. Its alumni include Thomas More, Walter Raleigh, Gilbert White, Thomas Arnold, John Henry Newman and Cecil Rhodes.

Location/Address: Oriel Street
County: Oxfordshire
Post Code: OX1 4EW
Main Historic Period: Georgian
Useful Website Address: Oriel College website
Tip/Nearby: City centre and other colleges
Primary Management: Educational establishment
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