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The Battle of Naseby on 14th June 1645 was one of the most important in British history, ranking alongside Hastings and Bosworth. The outcome of the battle was the defeat and virtual annihilation of King Charles I's Royalist army by the Parliamentary forces led by Fairfax and Cromwell, resulting in Parliament's victory in the Civil War and ultimately fundamentally changing the way Britain was governed.

The battle site is just north of the village of Naseby and is largely undeveloped since the 17th century. It can be viewed from various points, including Cromwell's monument, Sulby viewing platform and the Obelisk monument. Various information panels have been placed around the site and guided walks are available. A map is essential.

Location/Address: Naseby
County: Northamptonshire
Post Code: NN6 6BS
Main Historic Period: Stuart
Useful Website Address: Website of the Naseby Project
Tip/Nearby: Bosworth isn't far...
Primary Management: Other
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