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The Mary Rose was a Tudor warship. She sank, inexplicably, under the very eyes of King Henry VIII as he watched a battle unfold between the English and French navies just outside Portsmouth harbour on 19 July 1545. Only 35 out of the 500 people on board survived. For years, Mary Rose lay on her side, the exposed portion rotting away. In 1982, her remains were raised from the seabed - an astonishing achievement. The wreck was also like a Tudor time capsule, providing an insight into so many aspects of life 5 centuries ago. £39 million has been spent conserving and presenting Mary Rose and she is now stunningly displayed in a purpose-built exhibition building alongside the artefacts, and some of the human remains, found with her.

The illustration is from 'The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover' and shows vessels similar to the Mary Rose.

Location/Address: Victory Gate
HM Naval Base
County: Hampshire
Post Code: PO1 3QX
Main Historic Period: Tudor
Useful Website Address: Mary Rose website
Tip/Nearby: HM Naval Base attractions, eg HMS Victory, RN Museum
Primary Management: Other
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