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Macpherson Memorial

The Macpherson monument is a cairn erected in 1996 to the memory of Ewan Macpherson of Cluny (1706-64), who was colonel of the local Badenoch men in the '45 rising. He was at Derby with Bonnie Prince Charlie, the skirmish at Clifton (reckoned by some to be the last battle on English soil) and the Battle of Falkirk. In the awful aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, he spent nine years on the run from the government, sometimes hiding in a cave, eventually escaping to France. He was chief of the clan from 1746 until his death in Dunkirk. The monument stand in site of Creag Dhubh (black rock), a 2350 foot high mountain, which was also Clan Macpherson's war cry. At the bottom of the commemorative plaque is the Macpherson clan motto, "Na Bean Don Chat Gun Làmhainn", "Touch Not The Cat But A Glove", sometimes rendered as "Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove". 'Bot' means without. The reference is to a wildcat and the wildcat's 'glove' is its pad. The ungloved cat has its vicious claws out. So, the motto is (apparently) a warning not to tangle with the violent Macphersons. Macpherson, by the way, means 'son of the parson'; they breed tough parsons in the Highlands.

Post code is approximate.

Glentruim Road
between the A889 and the A9
3 miles south of Newtonmore
Post Code
PH20 1BE
Main Historic Period
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Useful Website Address
The Centre of Scotland, Ruthven Barracks, Macpherson Clan Museum
Primary Management

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