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Long Meg

The circle is in fact an oval approximately 360 feet (100 metres) by 305 feet (93 metres) and consists of 59 or 69 stones, depending which account you believe. Of course, one of the legends associated with Long Meg and Her Daughters is that the stones cannot be counted. Long Meg herself stands about 20 feet 6.1 metres) apart from Her Daughters (the circle stones) and is around 12 feet (3.6 metres) high with prehistoric artwork on her circle-facing side. It is thought that the stones were placed during the Late Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age, c2400 - 1000 BC and were likely to have been used as a meeting place or for some type of ritual (which covers most bases, I suppose). Long Meg is made of local red sandstone, whereas the daughters are glacial erratics and a type of granite, rhyolite.

The most famous of the many legends associated with the stones is that they were a 13th century coven of witches who were turned to stone by Michael Scot, a wizard from Scotland. If you actually manage to count the stones twice and come to the same total, the spell will be broken. If Meg is shattered, she will run with blood. If you walk round the circle, count the correct number of stones and put your ear to Long Meg, you will hear her whisper.

Post code is for Little Salkeld.  Park in Little Salkeld, walk up the Glassonby Road and follow a track to the left about 0.25 miles out of the village.

Location/Address: Little Salkeld
County: Cumbria
Post Code: CA10 1NN
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: Long Meg in the afternoon
Tip/Nearby: There are other prehistoric remains nearby, including at least two, much smaller, stone circles, or cairns, Little Meg and Glassonby. Both are in poor condition and have carvings on them. Lacy's Caves are also nearby.Park in LS, take the Glassonby Road and follow a track to the left about .25 miles out of the village.
Primary Management: Local Authority
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