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Lindisfarne Centre

What looks like a shop at first glance turns out to be slightly more interesting little museum-cum-exhibition. It has exhibitions about the Vikings and Lindisfarne's flora and fauna, a small cinema showing a short film about the Viking invasions and a surely unique, absorbing, interactive display and facsimile of the Lindisfarne Gospels (the original is in the British Library). Opposite the Centre is the Gospel Garden.

NB Holy Island is only accessible at certain times via a causeway across the sea that is covered twice a day. The tides come in very quickly; check carefully before setting out and be sure you have time to cross.

Location/Address: Marygate
Holy Island
County: Northumberland
Post Code: TD15 2SD
Main Historic Period: Viking
Useful Website Address: Lindisfarne Centre webpage
Tip/Nearby: Lindisfarne Priory, Church, mead shop etc
Primary Management: Community
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