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The North East is packed with evidence of the Roman occupation, but pride of place must go to Hadrian's Wall, which stretched 73 miles (118 km) from the Solway Firth in the west to Wallsend in the east. The Emperor Hadrian ordered its construction in 120 AD to defend the north-west border of the Empire. Troops were stationed at milecastles along its length and forts were later built at 5 mile (8 km) intervals. It was abandoned in the late 4th century. Much of it remains and it is possible to walk the entire length, if you’re that way inclined. There are multiple sites that can be visited, many of them in the care of English Heritage. The best preserved site along the wall is Housesteads Fort. At Vindolanda, where there is also a fascinating museum, excavations are ongoing and can be observed. To the far east, at Wallsend, is the site of Segedunum – which lay underneath Wallsend’s shipbuilding community until the houses were demolished to expose the foundations of the fort.

Location/Address: Roughly parallel with the A69 between Carlisle and Newcastle
County: Northumberland
Post Code: NE47 7AN
Main Historic Period: Roman
Useful Website Address: English Heritage website
Tip/Nearby: Multiple sites to visit - check a map before you go
Primary Management: English Heritage
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