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There has been an inn on the site of the City’s George & Vulture since the 15th century, but it burnt down in the Great Fire of 1666. Originally called ‘The George’, the vulture bit was added because (allegedly) the rebuilt inn was partly leased to a wine merchant whose sign was a live vulture, tethered above the entrance. These days, it is known as a favourite watering-hole of Charles Dickens, who mentioned it several times in ‘Pickwick Papers’ and whose descendants sometimes meet there. It is not a pub, but a restaurant with varied reviews. This writer has no personal experience of it, but from the outside it looks like a public lavatory.

Location/Address: 3 Castle Court
County: London
Post Code: EC3 9DL
Main Historic Period: Stuart
Tip/Nearby: Between Bank and Leadenhall Market
Primary Management: Private - open to the public
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