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Framlingham is a late 12th century castle once owned by the Earls and Dukes of Norfolk. By the mid 16th century, it was in the hands of Mary Tudor, elder daughter of Henry VIII, and it was here that she gathered support and heard that she had been proclaimed queen in 1553. In the 17th century it became the local poorhouse. The imposing walls of the castle are still pretty much standing, though the other medieval buildings have gone. Unusually, it is possible to walk right round the walls at Framlingham, giving marvellous views. There is also a small exhibition on site and an interesting local museum, the Lanman Trust's Museum.

Location/Address: Church Street
County: Suffolk
Post Code: IP13 9BP
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Tip/Nearby: St Michael's church next door
Primary Management: English Heritage
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