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Memorial to Nurse Edith Cavell designed by Sir George Frampton (who waived his fee) in 1915, unveiled by Queen Alexandra in 1920. Edith Cavell was born in Norwich in 1865. She was matron of a hospital in Brussels when the Germans invaded in 1914. Though the invaders offered her and other British nurses safe conduct to neutral Holland, she stayed on, eventually helping some 200 British, French and Belgian soldiers escape to Holland. She was arrested in August 1915 and shot by firing squad on 12th October. She said to her American chaplain, "I realise that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone." The British may well have exploited the propaganda value of Edith Cavell's murder, particularly in the at that time neutral USA.

The post code is for nearby St Martin-in-the-Field church. There is another memorial to Edith Cavell in Norwich.

Location/Address: St Martin's Place
County: London
Post Code: WC2N 4JH
Main Historic Period: Modern
Tip/Nearby: North-east corner of Trafalgar Square. Next to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, opposite St Martin-in-the-Field church.
Primary Management: Local Authority
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