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Often incorrectly described as a pele tower, this is a 15th C fortified tower that is the only surviving part of the manor house of the Wybergh family. It was plundered by Jacobites in 1745 before the Battle of Clifton Moor, often claimed to be the last battle fought on English soil. You can see where other parts of the building once joined the tower. there are no upper floors, but a spiral staircase leads to a gallery so that you can see the construction. The tower is in the middle of a working farm; park in the village, not on or over the farm access road.

Location/Address: Clifton Hall Farm
County: Cumbria
Post Code: CA10 2EA
Main Historic Period: Medieval
Tip/Nearby: St Cuthbert's Church, opposite. Clifton was the scene of the alleged last battle on English soil in 1745.
Primary Management: English Heritage
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