A Bit About Britain’s History repeats itself

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 11:43 am

FinallyA Bit About Britain’s History (From a long time ago until quite recently) is available as both an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

A Bit About Britain's History, paperback
Available in paperback…

A Bit About Britain’s History is a light introduction to Britain’s fascinating story.  It could be a selective reminder of what you might have learned at school; or if you didn’t like history at school, but would like to know a bit about it now, this book should help.  Or perhaps you’re coming to the subject fresh – maybe even visiting Britain – and want to understand something of how the place evolved without getting into too much of the gory detail (though there is some in the book – sorry).

A Bit About Britain’s History is a product of this website.  When A Bit About Britain was created, first as a hesitant blog, then as a slightly more ambitious website, it was clear that some historical background was needed.  When you’re visiting a castle, stately home, monument, or whatever, knowing a bit about the history helps put everything in context. Events, people and places come alive, and you start seeing how they all join up. So a few articles about British history were tentatively written for the website.  Timelines were added.  Every now and again, bits have been updated.  Put them all together in a single volume and you’ve got A Bit About Britain’s History – a brief, distinctly unacademic and occasionally quirky summary of the history of Britain – from a long time ago until quite recently. The timelines, incidentally, are among the most popular pages on this website.

A Bit About Britain's History, Mike Biles
Available as an e-book…

If you’d like to buy the book, possibly as a gift for someone you don’t like, clicking on either of the images here will take you to the right place on the Amazon.co.uk website.  If the Amazon site near to you is .com, or anything other than .co.uk, simply type (or copy and paste) A Bit About Britain’s History into the books or Kindle department of the Amazon search bar and you should get to the right place.  There is a way of providing one link that works for all, but as this may have privacy issues I need to look into that some more.

One final thing, if you do risk buying the book, and enjoy it, please leave a glowing review on Amazon.  If you don’t enjoy it, send me an email and I’ll try to do better next time.


75 thoughts on “A Bit About Britain’s History repeats itself”

  1. Sounds terrific! I’m a bit of a history nerd, and my knowledge of British history is woefully lacking. Your book sounds like just the “cure” I need, so I’ll be heading over to Amazon to look for your book asap.

      1. Interesting; but I wonder whether that will have any impact on the simple ordering of books from Amazon for delivery in South Africa where as recently as a few months ago I have been informed it couldn’t be done.

  2. Well done! I am happy for you! I will order a copy for my father-in-law and get it delivered to him in England. It will tickle me very much to tell him that I know the author!

      1. Mike, The book arrived overnight with Prime and it has become my bedtime reading. I’m also including a picture and a mention in a blog post that’s due to be published this coming Wednesday.

        Yesterday A notification with your name popped up on my screen and then vanished and I can find no trace. My apologies if you’ve commented on something and I’ve not replied.

  3. Congratulations Mike … I’ll be ordering my copy shortly – well done, so pleased for you … and yes review anon … happy end of the bank holiday – with success … cheers Hilary

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