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21st century timeline, Britain, BrexitA new timeline has been published on A Bit About Britain, covering the 21st century – the story so far. Do feel free to suggest additions to this – particularly any cheerful milestone that springs to mind, because I can’t help thinking the timeline currently makes fairly depressing reading. If you believe you’ve spotted a mistake, which could embarrass either one of us, you may prefer to get in touch via the contact page rather than leaving a comment below.

A Bit About Britain’s timelines are among the most popular pages on the site – an invaluable source of trivia and essential facts for the amateur historian or student. They can be found, with startling common sense, under the history section of the website’s menu and begin, for some inexplicable reason, with Prehistoric Britain.

14 thoughts on “Into the 21st Century

  1. janina

    Nice effort, Mike. *wink
    Maybe Kate’s new boy, once they have christened him!
    PS: I keep thinking you must be Michael Portillo of Great British Railway Journeys fame, for some reason. Can you explain?!

  2. pollymacleod

    It’s like when you’re asked “What would you like for your birthday” you just can’t think of anything, then days later you have a list! I hope to get back with, maybe not a list but something.

  3. wherefivevalleysmeet

    I am scratching my head and trying desperately hard to think of something that makes me feel proud, or joyous, but at the moment I am drawing a complete blank. I will come back if something happens to spring to mind.

  4. hilarymb

    Thanks Mike – this looks like it’ll be an amazing resource … and I’ll check in probably next week and let you know – I doubt mistakes but perhaps things to add … great, wonderful news!! Cheers Hilary

  5. Judy Masrud

    I never understood why in our high schools we had one year of US history and one year of world history. It seems like maybe we should have had two years of world history and 5 minutes of US history, doesn’t it.

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