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Who is A Bit About Britain aimed at?

Anyone – resident or overseas visitor – who wants to get to know A Bit About Britain, wants ideas of places to go, or who is just vaguely interested in the place.  The articles are aimed at people who want more than pretty photos, but aren’t interested in dry academic 5,000 word essays; yet.  However, academics and people who just like looking at pictures are very welcome too.


What inspired A Bit About Britain?

Several things.  A love of history, countryside and stories.  A realisation that I was already familiar with a bit about Britain – I probably knew the project before I thought of it.  A view that, despite the amazing information available, in books and online, some of it is mind-numbingly boring, twee or partisan – and the arrogance to believe I could do better.  The sheer fun of it.  An appreciation of the fact that, for all its many faults, Britain still has so much to recommend it – there is an almost embarrassing number of amazing places to visit in Britain.


How are places selected to feature in A Bit About Britain?

Fairly randomly.  There’s an ever-growing spreadsheet and the intention is to select places from different parts of Britain, or different types of places, for featured articles – so you rarely get two similar consecutive items.  I hope not anyway.  Sometimes, an item will be selected for topical reasons.


Why are some parts of Britain featured more than others?

Sorry about this – it’s an inevitable consequence of ‘ABAB’ being a private hobby.  It simply reflects recent travel – and, in particular, reasonable quality photographs – I don’t want to use too many blurred images scanned from a print taken 20 years ago.  Even so, I’m conscious that parts of the country need more attention – it’s just a matter of time and money.


Have you visited every place featured on A Bit About Britain?

Yes – that’s part of the point of it. But not everywhere that’s listed in the Attraction Directory.


How do I get an attraction LISTED on A Bit About Britain?

New places are added to the Attraction Directory every week.  I am happy to include any sensible attraction in the directory listing, without charge.  Please get in touch via the Contact Page if you would like your attraction added.  If you have an image that sums up the attraction, I will need this as a JPEG, in landscape format and a minimum of 2,000 PX wide. It will be cropped for inclusion in the directory.


How do I get an attraction FEATURED on A Bit About Britain?

Suggestions for featured articles are welcome.  Please get in touch via the Contact Page to arrange a visit. Commissions can only be undertaken on the basis of complete editorial freedom.


How reliable is A Bit About Britain?

Oh – I wouldn’t trust a word of it if I were you…  😆

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